The Tragic Fires in Northern California

If any of my blogging friends are out there, I want to let you know that what's going on with the wildfires in California is tragic. The amount of destruction and suffering here should be getting covered properly by the news media. I have been contacted by family and friends who are wondering why they can't find much information on what's happening. One person told me there were two minutes of coverage in the morning in their state and not much else. I have no idea why the American media has chosen to cover so little of this disaster. 170,00 acres have been burned! This was the fastest moving fire and most destructive in the history of California. Major portions of cities have been destroyed. 3500 homes are gone so far, 25 people are dead and they expect that number to rise in the coming days, and we are dealing with hundreds of missing people. The story is the same for so many who were first affected by the fire: fleeing into the night with the flames at their backs, and in some cases all around them. They had no time to gather anything. This fire fight is far from over as weather conditions continue to provide a perfect storm for these out-of-control wildfires. We now have fire fighting crews coming from Australia and Canada to help us. I couldn't stay silent as once again the American media fails us. They would rather cover the silly hair-changing color of a popular actress than cover real news about Americans needing aid and comfort in the face of what many here have said felt like the apocalypse.